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Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency Testimonials which we have received over the years. We invite you to take a moment to read through them so that you get a good idea of who we are and how we operate.

Dudu Family
I wanted to take time out to really thank you Kim, for your time and patience with me and with finding such an amazing candidate for my girls. Lizelle has started and my girls are loving her and she is fitting in well in our home with all the other employees. I will definitely always refer friends, family and people to your agency as your professionalism speaks volumes and I will also still use you in the future. Wishing you, Kim Gnodde, and your company all the best and growth and success.

Modipa Family
I just want to thank you so much for Siobhan. It is going well with my daughter and I am happy with the support she is giving us. She is professional, kind and always willing to assist with my daughter.

Morrick Family
Your CV layout is very efficient and professional and it makes reading and understanding very simple.

Kuhn Family
Thank you so much in all your efforts and very prompt response in finding candidates.

Vermaak Family
Your site is great and the process was very easy. Well done!! I am astounded that you could immediately provide me with CVs. Took me by surprise.

King Family
Kim Gnodde, I must commend you and the organization for the contract of employment and the other documents we received. It is the most organized and robust framework with viable content that I have encountered from an au pair agency. We have worked with others and am most impressed with Little Sunshines. Having qualified as a teacher, myself, in the first part of my career your guiding principles are right on track and robust. Thank you and believe we are on the right path. To a successful journey forward for all.

Beavis Family
Your professionalism is outstanding. Very good service all round.

Calitz Family
Little Sunshines attended to our enquiry quickly, they understood our requirements, they were extremely professional, their candidates were good and I would most certainly use them in the future if need be.

Bernon Family
Efficient, professional and I would definitely use your services again. Thank you.

Van Niekerk Family
Outstanding in every way! I thank you for your assistance and will sincerely recommend you to our other moms.

Burger Family
Excellent service – thank you very much!

Singer Family
You were very professional and you had wonderful CVs of applicants. It was a pleasure using your services. Thank you.

Naidoo Family
We registered with 3 other “top” and “well known” agencies in Johannesburg and yet yours was the only agency that took the time to understand our needs and what my family was really looking for. I thank you most deeply for your professionalism and understanding. I was super impressed as was my husband. I will recommend you to the community and my colleagues as the go to agency for an au pair. Well done and thank you!

Wyness Family
An update from our side, we are relocating to Mozambique and this is the only reason we would have terminated. Unless Liam wants to move with us! Liam has been an absolute star. The boys absolutely love him and we will really miss his assistance with the boys homework. He was very diligent with the boys, and strict without needing to shout. The boys were kept in a good regime of arriving home from school, changing, eating, doing homework, and then playing sports in the garden. An excellent au pair. Thank you!

Pretorius Family
Thank you for all your help. It has been such a pleasure dealing with you. You have been exceptionally professional and recommended such wonderful candidates. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends. Thank you again

McCormack Family
Your service and professionalism has been exemplary and we would not hesitate to recommend you. Thanks also for your thoughts for our daughter Ella.

Barata Family
I would really like to commend you on the level of service. Especially considering the decline of the service level in our country. It is refreshing to experience such interactive service and just all round service for a change. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

Cary Family
I must say you guys are very professional and proficient.

Galvao Family
Thank you so much for all your help. I found you to be honest, reliable and extremely professional. I will definitely use Little Sunshines in future… BUT hopefully not in the very near future!

de Jager Family
I just wanted to let you know that ***’s employment worked out really well for me. She is awesome and I am very happy! It was a pleasure to work with such a professional company. You are excellent at your work, and very good at initiating contact, following up on leads and providing feedback.

Moodley Family
Thanks to Kim for making this process as painless as possible!

Molefi Family
My name is Thabang Molefi. I am very happy and grateful to Little Sunshines – they are very good and professional. I needed an Au Pair for my 3 kids and they organized me one within a week – outstanding! I am so happy with them I will definitely recommend them to my friends. I wish them all the best to help people to find good au pairs. Thank you so much Little Sunshines. Keep up the good work. I have since used them for repeat business and once again they gave me outstanding service!

Tong Family
I contacted Little Sunshines earlier this year to assist me in my search for an au pair for my 3 girls. This was my first foray into the world of au pairing. The team at Little Sunshines provided appropriate guidance, listened to my needs and concerns, was responsive and all this resulted in me being able to find a person that was suitably experienced and, more importantly, connected with my girls. For a “first-timer” working with Little Sunshines was a pleasant, hassle-free recruitment experience.

Johns Family
I will also recommend you to others. I was very happy with the service I received from you.

Van Onselen Family
We found Little Sunshines to be very professional.

Monaise Family
I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and Kim. My experience with Little Sunshines has been nothing put professional and pleasurable.

Sage Family
Thank you so much for your enthusiastic & efficient service.

Schultz Family
We would like to give our thanks to Little Sunshines, who have helped us to find a sterling au pair! We tried many other au pair agencies in Johannesburg and they simply couldn’t deliver. Upon hearing about Little Sunshines through a family friend we contacted them and we were ecstatic with the results. They took our enquiry seriously, they dealt with our query efficiently and above all else they took the time to really understand what it is that we are looking for in an au pair. Within 2 weeks we hired Susan and we haven’t looked back since. Thank you to Kim for all your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. We will recommend Little Sunshines to anyone we know who is looking for an au pair.

Horn Family
Thank you very much for your professional service and help! I’ll honestly recommend you to anyone who might ask.

Coetzee Family
I do not usually write testimonials, however this agency is deserving of one! Upon first contact I was immediately impressed with the professionalism that my enquiry was handled with. Within minutes of finishing my conversation with them, I received all the documentation I needed and upon submitting it they were proactive and sent through CVs for suitable candidates. After meeting 3 different candidates I knew I had chosen the right agency to assist me. The candidates were a cut above the rest in terms of what other agencies had sent to me and it was very difficult to make a decision in terms of which candidate was right due to the high calibre. With the help of Kim and her advice, I made my selection and within 1 month I knew that I had found an au pair that was perfectly suited to my family. In future there is only one agency I will call to find an au pair, Little Sunshines.

Wilson Family
I have pleasure in writing this testimonial for Little Sunshines due to the positive experience I had with the agency when seeking out my au pair. The team were eager to assist me, they were professional and courteous and I felt that they truly cared about finding the right candidate for us. My husband and I are very happy with our new au pair and my kids just love her!

Maseko Family
Thank you Little Sunshines for assisting us with our search for our au pair. You are a wonderful agency to deal with and thank you for caring so much about our needs. We are very grateful for all the time and effort you took and we will recommend the agency to friends of ours.

Carthy Family
Little Sunshines is an exceptional au pair placement agency. They are passionate about the industry and it shows in the way that they deal with their clients. I truly appreciated all the knowledge they passed on as well as the tips and advice in terms of conducting interviews and what to look out for. I have never dealt with an agency like this and I have used many agencies over the years, being a working mom of 4! I commend the ladies on a job well done and should I need an au pair in the future I will definitely be returning to Little Sunshines!

Thank you for your help Kim. You are the first company that really goes out of your way to help people. I really appreciate it. May God bless you with this wonderful work you do and for the heart that you have for others to help.

I am really grateful for everything that you and everyone else at Little Sunshines has done for me. I can’t wait to work with Lyndell.

Thank you so much for all your help and support for making this happen. I really appreciate. I am truly excited for this opportunity.

I love this agency. Always taking care of the families and au pairs equally. Got a job through them three years ago and then this year when I came back looking for work again I felt like I was welcomed back like family. Highly recommended!

Thank you for all your effort. You guys are fantastic.

Thank you so much for this fantastic news! I am so happy. I would like to thank you and everyone at Little Sunshines for all your hard work in assisting me. You really are fantastic.

Thank you for being so proactive, I appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your time today, I really appreciate it so much and you guys are such amazing people!

It was so nice to have my interview today. It was so professional and the whole system is so well worked out and organised and thorough. I can definitely see the difference in your structure compared to other agencies.


I would just like to thank you for your friendly service, professionalism and the efficiency with which you run Little Sunshines Agency. I was really impressed.

Compared to the rubbish out there, Little Sunshines was a breath of fresh air. I am an older lady and I have been in the industry for many years, locally and overseas, and this agency really stands out amongst the others.

I registered with Little Sunshines at the beginning of April 2018 and by the middle of the month I was employed by a very warm and loving family. The whole process was professional and easy. A great agency compared to the others.

I am so grateful I chose to go to Little Sunshines. Kim Gnodde and Alice were amazing. So kind and always there to answer my questions (sorry ladies, I know I had many!). I would recommend Little Sunshines Agency to anyone who is serious about getting a proper au pair job.

Kim Gnodde and her team really do go the extra mile. They told me the truth from the beginning about the industry and what I could expect in terms of finding a job. They didn’t sugar coat things just to make me feel better. I appreciated their honesty. Within 2 weeks of registering with them I was placed.

I would just like to thank you so much for all of your assistance with placing me so quickly! I was honestly blown away by your impeccable service and efficient assistance! I will definitely recommend your services if I ever hear of anyone that needs an au pair or if an au pair needs an agency! Thank you so much again for all of your help!

Just an email to say I was so pleased with the level of excellence. You guys are so thorough and organised. It makes one really feel important in the procedure. I was blessed to feel like I had someone looking out for my interests as well as the family’s. All in all it was a great experience compared to what I have been experiencing with other agencies. Well done great job.

Thank you for all of your assistance, the Little Sunshines team is great! I definitely appreciate your help and I couldn’t be happier. You have placed me with a wonderful family and I believe I will do well there.

I’d like to thank you for finding me the perfect family.  I love working here and little Ethan is a joy to take care of. I hope that you find many more equally fantastic families for the au pairs that come your way.

Thank you for your services. I greatly appreciate them.

I haven’t been with Little Sunshines Agency for very long, but in the time I have, I have found them very helpful, fast replying and extremely polite. It’s a real pleasure to communicate with them.

I would like to thank Little Sunshines Agency for all their assistance in placing me with my family. I really appreciate all the time and effort they took to answer all my questions and to address my concerns. They were the only agency that seemed to truly care about finding a position that suited me, not just my requirements! Wishing you all the best of luck, you guys are great!

When I arrived for my interview I was immediately impressed. Little Sunshines gave me an “Au Pair Guidelines” pack which had a whole bunch of information regarding what to expect as an au pair, how salaries are calculated, useful numbers in case of emergency and so much more. They were the only agency that did this and it showed to me that they really cared. During the interview process they also asked me about the type of family that I wouldn’t want to work for so again it showed that they were interested in placing me in a family that I clicked with and not just one that matched my specifications. I was placed within 1 week of registering with them and I am very happy with the family that I am currently working for. Thank you for all your hard work.

I heard about Little Sunshines Agency through a friend of mine who found a position through them, and I chose to contact them as a result. During the time that I dealt with them I found them to be professional, caring and informative – different to the other agencies around Johannesburg. It took them 2 weeks to place me, whereas the other 2 agencies that I had registered with had yet to phone me for an interview. I was also impressed with the contract of employment that they gave us to use as it left little room for misinterpretation.

If I ever need to use an au pair agency again I will definitely come back to Little Sunshines Agency. They really did go the extra mile with my placement and I am eternally grateful

Gebashe Sihlengiwe
Thank you so much. I went through the online course, I must say going through the course opened my eyes more wider and I have gained so much knowledge. It also helped me to see other doors opening for me. Thank you.Thank you!

Marcelle Hyman
Thank you very much for the very informative au pair course, you gave yesterday. A must for any au pair reentering this field of work. It was a great experience. The lecturer is extremely proficient in her teaching techniques and her vast knowledge of what to do, not to do or expect from your employer. This course is a must for all au pairs, with or without knowledge. What a wonderful insight it gave me. The lecturer truly is a true ambassador for Little Sunshines.

Ashleigh Williams
I enjoyed it so much, learned things that I can apply to my everyday life!

Anna Schultz
I saw this on internet search (Germany) and because it was not expensive I decided to buy it and see. I was very surprised. Normally a course like this is very expensive. I went over the instruction at night and after a week I was finished. I received my certificate 2 days later. It had so much information. I couldn’t believe it. I have told many work colleagues to buy this course.

Kate Koukoularis
All I can say is wow! Thanks so much! It was far more than I expected, extremely informative!

Emily Ndlovu
I saw this advert at my church and my pastor said he has heard good things about it so I purchased it. I couldn’t attend the course because I live too far and my internet isn’t good so I purchased the manual. It was sent to my email straight after I made the payment. I was so happy because I was worried it was a scam. The information was very good. I showed my pastor the manual and the certificate and he now recommends the course to all the people in matric and to domestic workers, au pairs and to teachers to help them with their jobs. We are all very happy. Thank you Little Sunshine. You are helping many of us.

Emma Bowring
The online au pair course was very informative. All the information was neatly and logically detailed. It was easy to follow and to go through.

Shirley Bateman
I heard about the au pair training through a friend but as I am based in Durban I chose to do the online au pair course. It was incredibly well put together and I really enjoyed working through it.

Mokgantsho Gope
I liked going through the course very much. A lot of information was given and I learnt many things. It was a very good course to do.

Nicole Greenberg
The online au pair course is very easy to use and to go through. Well worth the money spent! I am so glad that I chose to do it.

Elizabeth Siebert
The online course was very easy to use and everything loaded quickly. It was well laid out and a breeze to work through, even at my age! I was very impressed. A great course. Well done!

Zeta Woest
A friend recommended this online au pair course to me and I am very happy that I chose to do it. It has helped me secure a position with a family after many failed interviews. I really think that this course if very useful for someone trying to find a job.

Giselle Crous
Many thanks for assisting me with the au pair course. I feel much more confident going overseas and working there as an au pair. This course helped me to understand what an au pair really is and what to do. Thank you!

Joyce Smith
It was life changing. It was the best au pair training. It was very informative. GOOD LUCK FOR 2019!

Jani Strauss
Thank you for the training. I learnt so much and I am very excited to start au pairing!

Nokuthula Masum
THANKS! I have learnt a lot from you guys.

Noziga Mashele
Fantastic training – well worth the money!

Kaylin Krupke
The course instructor was very professional and she had great examples and a wide range of knowledge. The course was informative, helpful and covered a wide range of topics.

Mainah Ndlovu
The course was fun and packed with information. It gave very good direction.

Sune Lange
The course was enjoyable and I learnt a lot!

Andrea Vetter
I found the course was very helpful. I learnt a lot of new things. It was given in a nice environment, where one feels free to ask questions.

Megan Laubscher
My knowledge on children has greatly improved. I am a mom and I learnt many new and interesting things which I wasn’t aware of.

Karin Eksteen
I found the course very helpful. The advice and tips given were practical and would definitely assist me further.

Christine Meyer
It was a lot of relevant information. I enjoyed it a lot!

Chante Van Zyl
I really enjoyed the course. It really prepared me.

Anel Goosen
The course was excellent. I learnt a lot from you today!

Elsie Coetzer
The information really helped me. There were things in the course one wouldn’t even think of. The day after the course I attended an interview and I was placed straight away.

Chiquitte-Celene Viljoen
The training covered all topics – even those one wouldn’t think about! It was very insightful and it opened my eyes about being an au pair and how to improve.

Kimberly Nambiar
The course was very easy to understand and challenging topics were explained very well. I’m very happy that I chose this au pair course. Thank you.

Samantha Cheyne
I feel much more prepared to be an au pair. I now know what is required of me and how to fulfill the expectations of an au pair. The course was extremely enlightening and taught me a lot about child care.

Despina Rockas
Great for both young au pairs who are starting out and for experienced au pairs to learn the intricacies of being an au pair. Love the tips about how to deal with difficult 2 year old and assisting with homework. The course will give me daily help.

Tracey Saywood
I found the au pair training very informative and I have definitely gained more confidence with au pairing and working with families.

Bernedine van Heerden
It was very enlightening and helfpul. I really enjoyed it!

Christel van Greunen
Thank you for the very informative course. I would suggest and recommend this course to anyone applying for an au pair job or who wants to be an au pair.

Sakile Malanga
It was very useful. I learnt many things that I did not know about. As an au pair with 10 years of au pair experience I found it very informative.

Siphetheni Ngwenya
It was amazing!

Anbu Mudely
The course was excellent. All the necessary information was given on how to au pair and conduct yourself as an au pair. Many common au pair errors were also looked at.

Lizelle Conradie
The trainer was very professional and I gained a lot of knowledge.

Mignon Erasmus
I was very happy and would recommend this course.

Noziga Mashele
Fantastic training – well worth the money!

Kate Myburgh
After attending the course I was much more informed about being an au pair and I was able to secure a position shortly thereafter. I highly recommend the course.

Jessica Botha
I really enjoyed attending the training. I gained a lot of knowledge and I was well prepared to work for a family.

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