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Please note that we are unable to assist with positions that are LESS than 6 months. If you require an au pair for 6 months or more then simply contact us 

Temporary Au Pairs are au pairs that are employed by a family for a set, fixed term contract period typically lasting from 3 to11 months. Please note however that any employment beyond 3 months, even on a fixed-term contract, is considered to be governed by full term employment regulations as per the Labour Relations Act.

We advise families to employ au pairs in this capacity, only if their true intention is that they only require the au pair for the set time period and nothing more, as though there is an option to renew at the end of the fixed term period, there is no guarantee whatsoever that the au pair will elect to continue her employment and due to the amended Labour Relations Act there are very strict rules in terms of what constitutes a renewal for a fixed-term period etc.

Should a family elect to go the fixed term employment route, then Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency will not put forward candidates who are seeking permanent employment and therefore the process of finding an au pair is quite lengthy as most candidates register with the agency seeking permanent employment. The reality is that many au pairs will not take on positions where fixed term employment is offered as it means that in a couple of months she will be seeking employment once again as there is no guarantee that the family will renew the contract.

This type of employment cannot be used by a family if the intention is simply to “see if this will work out” as this is in contravention of the Labour Relations Act. Employment is governed by the Labour Relations Act and all laws in terms of dismissal apply.

Please note the following in terms of the Labour Relations Act in relation to fixed term contracts:

  • The main purpose of a fixed-term contract is supposed to be the filling of a temporary job. That is, the most appropriate time to hire an employee on a fixed-term contract is when the job itself is expected to come to an end at a specific time. It can be very dangerous to employ an employee on a fixed-term contract when the job itself is permanent (unless the temporary employee is merely standing for the permanent incumbent who is away on leave or who has temporarily been deployed elsewhere). The reason for this danger is that, according to the LRA, if the employer (even inadvertently) gives the employee a “reasonable expectation” that the contract will be renewed on expiry, the CCMA or bargaining council could force the employer to renew the contract.

At the outset, one needs to understand the nature and purpose of a fixed-term contract. And perhaps the easiest way of explaining this, is to consider what the fixed-term contract is NOT:

  • It is NOT an alternative means of getting around the probation period – “Let’s put this person on a fixed term contract and if they work out, we’ll employ them permanently”; and
  • It is NOT a solution to avoiding retrenchment in the future – “Let’s put this person on a fixed term contract and see whether or not we need this role on an on-going basis” 

Typical Cases Where a Fixed Term Contract Would Apply Are:

  • if the family’s current au pair is on a leave of absence and a temporary au pair is required
  • if the family is emigrating and therefore only requires an au pair until such time as they emigrate
  • if the family is going on holiday and they require an au pair to travel with them
  • if the parents are going away and require the assistance of an au pair during their absence
  • if the family is in Johannesburg for a set period and they require an au pair during this time
  • if the main caretaker of the children i.e. mom / dad / granny etc. has fallen ill / has had surgery and an au pair is required during the recovery period

The Following Applies for Temporary Employment:

  • A formal contract of employment is required to be completed and agreed upon by both parties
  • If an au pair elects to resign the standard notice period is 1 week.
  • The au pair is entitled to 1 day off for every 17 days worked.
  • Dismissal of an au pair is governed by the Labour Relations Act

Agency Fee for Temporary Placements – Once Off:

  • 6 – 11 months is 20% of the total income paid to the candidate

In the event that the fixed term contract of employment is renewed for a further period, the agency reserves the right to charge the family another fixed term placement fee as work will be carried out by the agency to facilitate arrangement and agreement in terms of the new fixed term employment between the family and the au pair, therefore this option, does tend to be more costly in the event that the contract is renewed.

Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency will make contact with the au pair a few weeks prior to the fixed term contract coming to an end to assist her in finding another position, or to facilitate the renewal of the fixed term contract period based on the circumstances at the time of renewal.

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Upon registering with Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency, if you require an Au Pair, we will send you a Family Information Guide which contains the following information:

  • Proposed questions for your interviews with prospective au pairs
  • Guidelines on employing an au pair in terms of labour law
  • Guidelines on dealing with au pair performance related issues in terms of labour law
  • Tips on how to maintain a long-lasting relatonship with your new au pair