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We do charge a R120 registration fee, not a service fee, which is payable at the agency interview.

The registration fee is charged as it costs us to do the following in relation to your profile:

  • Reference checks
  • Phone calls backwards and forwards with you about your profile
  • Typing up your CV
  • Sending your CV out to prospective families etc.

We cannot be expected to do work for free as we are a business, and as there is no guarantee that you will be placed (as it is not within our control if a family chooses to meet you /or hire you) our costs have to be covered in terms of your profile and the time it takes us, as well as the work we do to assist you with finding employment.

We spend many hours on your profile which incurs costs.

With regards to the R120 registration fee, please note the following in terms of the law.

  • We charge a registration fee, NOT a service fee
  • It is illegal for an employer or a labour brokerage to charge a service fee when you apply for a position – we are neither of those

Whilst there is a possibility that charging a registration fee may become illegal, the law is still not promulgated and has yet to be passed in parliament with no future date as to when it will be promulgated. Until such time as it is promulgated (if and when) it is not illegal.

In terms of the payment of the R120 registration fee, you are under no obligation whatsoever to use our agency. It is your decision entirely if you would like to pay the R120 and register with us.

Au Pair Information:

How to Proceed:

  • If you are NOT a registered candidate, please complete the Candidate Online Application – it takes 2 minutes!
  • If you are NEWLY registered (you registered in the last 3 months) please liaise with the person in charge of your account i.e. the email address of the person who emailed you after your interview
  • If you are an OLD CANDIDATE RETURNING (you registered more than 3 months ago) please email and we will assist you, by directing you to the person who handles your account. They will then assist you further.