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Keeping your kids entertained can be a trying task. Here is a list of possible kids crafts that will keep your little one busy for hours.

Little children have wild imaginations and a thirst to be creative and make something they can keep and be proud of. Children seek approval and recognition for their hard work and efforts. By getting involved in your child’s creative development, you will create the opportunity to spend quality time with your little ones and learn more about their creative streak, as well as your own.

Some of these crafts require adult supervision because creating these masterpieces requires the use of scissors, knives, glues, hot water and other heated substances. Getting your children involved in crafts, will give them the opportunity to make gifts for family and friends.

Picture Frames
Making a personalised picture frame is a great craft to get your little ones involved in. This can be done by buying a plain, light-coloured wooden frame, where your child can paint little pictures on it, in a variety of different colours. Your child can also glue almost anything onto the frame. Some ideas include little pictures, shells, leaves or fabrics. Another good idea, is to write a little message on the frame like” I Love Granny” or “Happy Father’s Day”. Either place an individual photograph inside the frame or make a collage of photos. These photo frames are also a great keepsake for parents or grandparents.

Most little girls, develop a taste for the finer things in life, at a very young age. Instead of having your expensive jewellery lost or ruined. Why not help your little princess make her own jewellery? All you’ll need is a variety of beads in different sizes, shapes and colours as well as an elasticised string. Your little girl can make beautiful but inexpensive necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Model Figures
Little boys love all types of vehicles from aeroplanes and cars to trains and motorbikes. Allow them to build their own model plane or car. This can be a messy job so ensure that your little Pilot is careful with the glue. Once the model is completed, your child will feel a sense of pride and completion. These models can be kept forever as collectors items. These miniature models can be bought at almost all toy shops.

Allowing your children to help in the kitchen will not only spark their creative juices, but it will also teach them about safety in the kitchen. Having your children mix all the ingredients, will allow them to feel a part of the cooking process. Baking cookies, cup cakes or cakes is a rewarding task, because there is always something to look forward to, after all the work is done. Allow your children to display their creativity by decorating all the delicious goodies in different colours, designs and pictures. Keep your children safe by teaching them the dangers of knives, stoves and other dangerous equipment.

Fabric Painting
Creating personalised bedding using fabric paints and themed material, is a pleasurable way to create something your children can use, for many years to come. Your children can also paint pillows as gifts for grandparents and other family members. Your children can also fabric paint t-shirts, caps and other clothing. Supervision is necessary to ensure that paint doesn’t land up on the floor, walls and carpet. It is a good idea to do this craft outdoors.

Money Boxes
Designing a money box is a fun thing to do to keep the kids busy and teach them the importance of saving money. They can paint it in a variety of different colours, sprinkle glitter on it or paste fabric on it to add texture. Money boxes come in a variety of different shapes and materials. You can buy wooden, glass and ceramic money boxes. They also come in a variety of different animal shapes and objects.

Painting Crockery
A sense of belonging and ownership is important for all children; you can achieve this by allowing your children to have their own crockery. An enjoyable activity for your children is for them to decorate their own mug, plate and bowl. They can paint it in their favourite colours or paint their favourite cartoon character on it.

Key Rings
Key rings are a cheap but an entertaining thing for your children to create. Key rings can be made using beads, coloured rubber, string, and almost any type of material. This type of craft is a great opportunity for your children to make some extra money.

Decoupage allows you to decorate almost any wooden surface. Some examples include picture frames, boxes, clocks, coasters and trays. Decoupage involves cutting out pictures and graphics to make a boring wooden box more interesting and eye catching. Your children can design the decoupage object to match the colours and themes of their bedroom.

Getting your little ones involved in knitting is a great way for them to make something they can use and enjoy. Knitting scarves and gloves for the winter months will save mum and dad some extra money. Your children can make colourful and vibrant scarves that can be used for more than one season. Teddy bears and other dolls can also be knitted.

Scrapbooking is an awesome way for your children to record their childhood; these books are a great find once your children reach adulthood. Your children can stick photos, sea shells and any memorabilia from holidays, birthdays and Christmas’s. These books can also act as a journal and memory book.

Kite Making
Helping your children build their own kite will ensure hours of fun, on those windy days. This can be done by tying light tissue paper to a frame, made of light plastic or wood. Use string that is strong enough and won’t snap or add too much unwanted extra weight.

Puppets can be made using an old sock that can be dyed in a bright funky colour. Use buttons and other objects to create a little face and ears. This is an amusing toy that will bring about hours of joy, laughter and games.

Lego allows children to build absolutely anything; their only limit is their imagination. They can build houses, spaceships and cars. This brings about hours of fun and ingenious designs. Lego is appropriate for all children older than 3, it also introduces hours of building enjoyment for most adults.

Book Marks
Book marks are the best way of keeping a record as to the page you are currently reading. Making book marks is a creative activity that can be designed in bold colours. The book marks can be made to resemble the wonderful fantasy lands that your children frequently read about. Bright coloured pencils, beads, glitter and string can be used to decorate the book marks.

In Conclusion
Getting your children involved in crafts will keep them busy for hours, while still releasing creative juices. These kid’s crafts are a great way for you to bond with your children and have hours of fun and creativity. Most of the crafts are an inexpensive way to spend an afternoon indoors.

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