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Homework Training Course

Homework Training is offered at Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency in Johannesburg. Below is all the information you need to know in order to decide if you wish to do our Homework Training course.

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General Information:

  • Cost: R650 once-off, per person
  • Dates: Our NEXT Homework Training Johannesburg dates are:
    • Saturday 1 February 2020
  • Attendance: It is a ONE DAY homework training session – you only come ONCE
  • Duration: The homework training takes 3 hours from 09:00 to 12:00
  • Location: Homework Training is in Sandton, Johannesburg
    • the physical address will be given once we receive your booking and payment
    • we have this system in place as we can only accommodate 25 people at each session and this prevents people from arriving who haven’t booked a place
    • we do NOT accept cash on the day due to safety and security

How To Book To ATTEND the Homework Training in Johannesburg:
Step 1:
WHATSAPP the following information to 0637427122

  • Your Full Name AND Surname
  • Your contact number
  • Your EMAIL Address
  • The course DATE you wish to attend
  • The NAME of the course you wish to attend

Step 2:
We will then reply to your WhatsApp with our bank account details so that you can make payment of the course fee. You can pay via EFT or at an ATM or with a cash deposit at a bank.
Step 3:
Please WhatsApp proof of payment to 0637427122
Step 4:
Once we receive your proof of payment we will send you the physical address and the other details for the homework training in Johannesburg (near Olivedale Netcare Clinic)
Step 5:
After you have attended the training, you will receive your certificate

What You Will Receive After the Course:

  • A Homework Training Certificate

What is Homework Training For:

  • Teaches you how to better assist a child with homework
  • Teaches you how to better assist a child who has ADHD / Sensory Disorder / ODD and other Learning Disabilities with homework
  • Teaches you how to handle a difficult child with homework
  • Teaches you how to engage with children on their level
  • Teaches you how to handle difficult situations whilst assisting with homework
  • Teaches you what you should and should not be doing whilst assisting a child with homework
  • Teaches you how to cope with homework
  • Teaches you how to time manage homework, and to organise and plan all the homework
  • Teaches you how to assist the child with preparing for tests and exams
  • Teaches you how to assist the child with preparing speeches
  • Teaches you how to assist the child with doing reading and learning spelling words
  • Teaches you and the child… life skills!

Who Should Do The Homework Training:

  • Homework Training is available to ANYONE
  • Parents and those who work with children have attended the Homework Training Course
  • Parents and Grandparents who assist with homework
  • Au Pairs who are junior or senior au pairs, inexperienced or experienced – EVERYONE
  • Tutors who are junior or senior, inexperienced or experienced
  • Childminders who help children with homework
  • School Facilitators who help children
  • Home School Teachers / Facilitators / Tutors etc. who help children with Home Schooling
  • You do NOT need to have a car OR a drivers license
  • You do NOT need to be a South African Citizen – people overseas have done the course
  • Homework Training is available to ANYONE who wishes to learn more about helping children with their homework

What You Will Learn and What the Homework Training Covers:

  • How to Engage with the Child
  • How to Prepare the Child for their Homework
  • How to Prepare an Environment for the Child to do Homework in
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Homework
  • How to Do Reading Homework with a Child
  • How to Do Spelling Homework with a Child
  • How to Assist a Child with Learning Time Tables and Bonds
  • How to Assist a Child with a Speech
  • How to Assist a Child with a Project
  • How to Assist a Child with Revision
  • How to Assist a Child with Learning for Tests
  • How to Assist a Child with Exam Preparation and Revision
  • How to Assist Difficult Children with Homework
  • How to Assist Children with ADHD / Sensory Disorder and ODD with doing Homework
  • How to Motivate a Child to do their Homework
  • How to do Homework with Multiple Children
  • What Not to Do When Doing Homework with a Child
  • What You Can Expect in Terms of Homework for Different Grades
  • How to Do Research with a Child
  • Where to Access Additional Online Homework items such as Worksheets, Maths  Programmes, Spelling Programmes, Reading Programmes etc
  • What Books are Good to Purchase for Additional Homework to Help Children Learn
  • What Games You Can Play with Children to Help Them Learn

– From People Who have Completed Our Training –

Shahana Naidoo
I am a mom of 3 children and homework was driving me crazy! After attending this course doing homework has become time well spent with my children and a positive experience. Highly recommended.

Kay Hashim
I attended this course to improve my tutoring skills. I have tutored children of various ages for 3 years and this course opened my eyes to unbelievable things I have never known. My tutoring has improved greatly and I thank the instructor for all her time.

Elzette Fourie
I have never come across a homework course like this and as a teacher I have been exposed to many courses. As a Grade 5 teacher I would recommend this course to anyone who has to do homework with children.

Sophia Tolentino
This course has literally been a life changing experience for my children and I. Homework is no longer the daily nightmare it used to be. I now understand why I was struggling so much with my kids and why they were getting so frustrated every day. This course has turned homework into an activity rather than a chore! I am recommending it to all the mothers at my children’s school as well as to friends and family. Kim thank you so much!!

Heidi Braman
This homework training helped me in so many ways to be a better au pair to the family I work for. My boss and I were really struggling to cope with the amount of homework the children have to do and with this course we have found balance between extra murals, homework and we even get around to doing REVISION. I am so unbelievably grateful to my boss for sending me on this course. Life has become much easier for both of us.

Sara Craw
I can’t believe how much information there was. This course is worth the money and I am very grateful to Kim for the way in which she taught the course. It was fun and really well put together.

Gebashe Sihlengiwe
Thank you so much. I went through the online course, I must say going through the course opened my eyes more wider and I have gained so much knowledge. It also helped me to see other doors opening for me. Thank you. Thank you!

Marcelle Hyman
Thank you very much for the very informative au pair course, you gave yesterday. A must for any au pair reentering this field of work. It was a great experience. The lecturer is extremely proficient in her teaching techniques and her vast knowledge of what to do, not to do or expect from your employer. This course is a must for all au pairs, with or without knowledge. What a wonderful insight it gave me. The lecturer truly is a true ambassador for Little Sunshines.

Ashleigh Williams
I enjoyed it so much, learned things that I can apply to my everyday life!

Anna Schultz
I saw this on internet search (Germany) and because it was not expensive I decided to buy it and see. I was very surprised. Normally a course like this is very expensive. I went over the instruction at night and after a week I was finished. I received my certificate 2 days later. It had so much information. I couldn’t believe it. I have told many work colleagues to buy this course.

Kate Koukoularis
All I can say is wow! Thanks so much! It was far more than I expected, extremely informative!

Emily Ndlovu
I saw this advert at my church and my pastor said he has heard good things about it so I purchased it. I couldn’t attend the course because I live too far and my internet isn’t good so I purchased the manual. It was sent to my email straight after I made the payment. I was so happy because I was worried it was a scam. The information was very good. I showed my pastor the manual and the certificate and he now recommends the course to all the people in matric and to domestic workers, au pairs and to teachers to help them with their jobs. We are all very happy. Thank you Little Sunshine. You are helping many of us.

Emma Bowring
The online au pair course was very informative. All the information was neatly and logically detailed. It was easy to follow and to go through.

Shirley Bateman
I heard about the au pair training through a friend but as I am based in Durban I chose to do the online au pair course. It was incredibly well put together and I really enjoyed working through it.

Mokgantsho Gope
I liked going through the course very much. A lot of information was given and I learnt many things. It was a very good course to do.

Nicole Greenberg
The online au pair course is very easy to use and to go through. Well worth the money spent! I am so glad that I chose to do it.

Elizabeth Siebert
The online course was very easy to use and everything loaded quickly. It was well laid out and a breeze to work through, even at my age! I was very impressed. A great course. Well done!

Zeta Woest
A friend recommended this online au pair course to me and I am very happy that I chose to do it. It has helped me secure a position with a family after many failed interviews. I really think that this course if very useful for someone trying to find a job.

Giselle Crous
Many thanks for assisting me with the au pair course. I feel much more confident going overseas and working there as an au pair. This course helped me to understand what an au pair really is and what to do. Thank you!

Joyce Smith
It was life changing. It was the best au pair training. It was very informative. GOOD LUCK FOR 2019!

Jani Strauss
Thank you for the training. I learnt so much and I am very excited to start au pairing!

Nokuthula Masum
THANKS! I have learnt a lot from you guys.

Noziga Mashele
Fantastic training – well worth the money!

Kaylin Krupke
The course instructor was very professional and she had great examples and a wide range of knowledge. The course was informative, helpful and covered a wide range of topics.

Mainah Ndlovu
The course was fun and packed with information. It gave very good direction.

Sune Lange
The course was enjoyable and I learnt a lot!

Andrea Vetter
I found the course was very helpful. I learnt a lot of new things. It was given in a nice environment, where one feels free to ask questions.

Megan Laubscher
My knowledge on children has greatly improved. I am a mom and I learnt many new and interesting things which I wasn’t aware of.

Karin Eksteen
I found the course very helpful. The advice and tips given were practical and would definitely assist me further.

Christine Meyer
It was a lot of relevant information. I enjoyed it a lot!

Chante Van Zyl
I really enjoyed the course. It really prepared me.

Anel Goosen
The course was excellent. I learnt a lot from you today!

Elsie Coetzer
The information really helped me. There were things in the course one wouldn’t even think of. The day after the course I attended an interview and I was placed straight away.

Chiquitte-Celene Viljoen
The training covered all topics – even those one wouldn’t think about! It was very insightful and it opened my eyes about being an au pair and how to improve.

Kimberly Nambiar
The course was very easy to understand and challenging topics were explained very well. I’m very happy that I chose this au pair course. Thank you.

Samantha Cheyne
I feel much more prepared to be an au pair. I now know what is required of me and how to fulfill the expectations of an au pair. The course was extremely enlightening and taught me a lot about child care.

Despina Rockas
Great for both young au pairs who are starting out and for experienced au pairs to learn the intricacies of being an au pair. Love the tips about how to deal with difficult 2 year old and assisting with homework. The course will give me daily help.

Tracey Saywood
I found the au pair training very informative and I have definitely gained more confidence with au pairing and working with families.

Bernedine van Heerden
It was very enlightening and helpful. I really enjoyed it!

Christel van Greunen
Thank you for the very informative course. I would suggest and recommend this course to anyone applying for an au pair job or who wants to be an au pair.

Sakile Malanga
It was very useful. I learnt many things that I did not know about. As an au pair with 10 years of au pair experience I found it very informative.

Siphetheni Ngwenya
It was amazing!

Anbu Mudely
The course was excellent. All the necessary information was given on how to au pair and conduct yourself as an au pair. Many common au pair errors were also looked at.

Lizelle Conradie
The trainer was very professional and I gained a lot of knowledge.

Mignon Erasmus
I was very happy and would recommend this course.

Noziga Mashele
Fantastic training – well worth the money!

Kate Myburgh
After attending the course I was much more informed about being an au pair and I was able to secure a position shortly thereafter. I highly recommend the course.

Jessica Botha
I really enjoyed attending the training. I gained a lot of knowledge and I was well prepared to work for a family.

REMEMBER: to do the Homework Training
WhatsApp 0637427122
Limited Space Available so ACT NOW!

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