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At Little Sunshines we have a database of professional and dedicated governesses and we are therefore able to assist families with governess placements. We are one of the ONLY agencies that does governess placements in South Africa.

What is a Governess:

  • generally has a minimum of 5 years au pair experience
  • has experience with babies, toddlers and children
  • often has international au pair experience
  • generally stays with a family for 2 to 5 years
  • has dedicated their life to looking after children
  • does everything in relation to raising the children
  • can travel with the family when required
  • can live with the children whilst the parents travel internationally
  • can run a household
  • can manage all other staff in the household
  • can be a personal assistant to the family
  • can run numerous errands and assist the family with multiple tasks
  • generally has a child care course / teaching degree or diploma
  • has completed a first aid course
  • is generally between the ages of 30 to 50
  • often does not have their own children
  • is often not married or they are widowed or divorced
  • has a valid drivers license and their own car
  • sometimes lives-in, though in a cottage or her own room with a bathroom (not in the same room as the children)
  • generally works Monday to Saturday, sometimes even Sundays (as per South African Labour Law a governess would need to have at least 1 day off per week)
  • is generally available 24/7 whenever the parents require her, though due regard needs to be had in terms of the Governess and that she has a private life
  • liaises with the school and teachers about the child’s progress and reports back to the parents
  • IMAGINE “MARY POPPINS” – she is a governess!

Governess Salaries
Governesses generally earn between R15 000 to R20 000 per month
Where the monthly salary is more than R17 500 per month, overtime pay is not applicable for additional hours worked

Governess Placement Fee
The agency charges a once off placement fee (we will supply a quotation) and there is a 6 month agency guarantee in place.

Many high-profile families, who are unable to be with their children due to their careers etc., employ governesses because they know their children and their household will be in the care of the very best that this industry can provide.

“Upon Electing to Use Our Services…”

Upon electing to use our services , we will send you an Interview & Information Guide which contains the following information:

  • Proposed questions for your interviews with prospective au pairs, tutors, governesses, home school teachers or school facilitators
  • Guidelines on employing a candidate in terms of South African labour law
  • Guidelines on dealing with employee performance related issues in terms of South African labour law
  • Tips on how to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your new au pair, tutor, governess, home school teacher or school facilitator
Simply Contact Us for Further Assistance!

If you wish to have direct human contact please call 063 742 7122 for further assistance

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We place the following types of positions:
Au Pairs
Child Minders
School Facilitators
Home School Teachers