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Welcome to Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency
We are here to assist you with your requirements!
“Professional & Dedicated”

All our Candidates have met the following General Requirements:

  • they have their own roadworthy car with seat belts in the back
  • they have a valid drivers license
  • they have formal experience in the child care industry
  • they have passed Matric or A-Levels
  • they have a clear criminal record
  • they have passed all our background checks
  • they have passed our social media screening
  • they have passed a formal, stringent face-to-face interview with us
  • they have passed a childcare and first aid test during their interview with us
  • they have passed a psychometric test during their interview with us
  • Only candidates of the highest standard will be represented by our Agency – we are very strict!

Simply complete the form below in terms of your requirements
or call us on 063 742 7122 for further assistance
Please note we cannot assist with placements where the salary is
less than R5000 per month
(as we cannot find candidates of a high standard to work for less)
**Please note we do NOT place child minder / domestic workers**
(our candidates do NOT do domestic work)
We also do not assist with placements of  less than 6 months
(all our contracts have a 3 month probationary period)


* indicates required field
We will contact you during standard office hours
All our positions have a standard 3 month probationary period in the contract.
Please note we do not do placements of less than 6 months.
MOST candidates are looking for permanent employment. Permanent employment would include a 3 month probationary period.
Please note we do not do placements of less than 6 months.
Candidate Requirements:
Please note the older the candidate the higher the salary. Most candidates are aged 20 to 50.
Only specify this if it is really important as it will limit the number of candidates we can send

For au pair positions this will limit candidates and it is NOT common. For homeschool teacher and school facilitator positions we will ENSURE they have a degree / diploma
For au pair positions this will limit candidates and it is NOT common. For homeschool teacher and school facilitator positions we will ENSURE they have experience in teaching.
They WILL have FORMAL experience but they do have their OWN children

About the Children & the Family:

This is so that we can understand the basic dynamics within the home environment.
Days and Times You Require the Candidate:
If YES this severely limits candidate selection
Candidates require a SET monthly salary. Au Pairs require a petrol refund of AA Rates per km traveled (NOT to and from work) over and above their monthly salary, if no car is provided for the au pair to use during working hours. Most families do not provide cars. ALL candidates will have their own car and a VALID drivers license.
Salary Guideline: Au Pair Less Than 12 Hours Per Week - R5000 Au Pair Half Day - R6000 to R10 000 Au Pair Full Day - R10 000 to R20 000 School Facilitators - R6000 to R15 000 Home School Teachers - R6000 to R15 000
JUNIOR Level Candidates have a car, have a VALID drivers license, are generally under 21, generally have less than 1 year experience, have PASSED all our tests and our face-to-face interview.
If a car is provided then the petrol reimbursement is not applicable.


The Process

  • We receive your requirements
  • We send through CVs for consideration based on your requirements – we do not limit the number of CVs that we send to you
  • You let us know which candidates you wish to interview
  • We arrange the interviews for you
  • We continue the above process until you are happy to employ a candidate that is the right fit for you and your family
  • We assist with the offer of employment and send the contract of employment etc.
  • All placements have a 3 month probationary period in the contract of employment
  • We provide post placement support in terms of queries etc.

Placement Fee

  • We charge a once-off, market related, placement fee in the event that you wish to employ a candidate through us
  • The placement fee is due within 3 days from date of invoice, upon confirmation of employment
  • The placement fee is quoted in the initial email that we send to you once you have given us your requirements

Agency Guarantee

  • We will replace the candidate if the relationship does not work out within the first 4 months from commencement of employment
  • We will replace the candidate at no additional charge
  • We will replace the candidate as quickly as possible


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We place the following types of positions:
Au Pairs
School Facilitators
Home School Teachers