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Au Pair Traning Advert

Below is a guideline in terms of attending interviews with prospective clients. Please take a moment to read this so that you are prepared…

When attending an interview ensure the following:

  • Dress appropriately and ensure neatness – no mini skirts, spaghetti tops, gym wear, slops etc.
  • Talk slowly, clearly and with confidence
  • Do not sit with your arms crossed – be aware of your body language
  • Make eye contact
  • Do not “talk” on unnecessarily
  • Answer the questions asked of you
  • Always tell the truth
  • Arrive on time, and if you are running late due to circumstances beyond your control, then call the client and advise them
    • traffic is not an excuse
  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early
    • if you are early go to a coffee shop in the area
  • Do not go to an interview with friends or family
  • Ensure your cell phone is on silent
    • never answer it during an interview
  • Do not discuss salary
    • this is the reason you have signed up with an agency
    • we know what you are worth as an employee
    • we know how much you should be paid relative to the specifications of the position
    • the salary that is indicated in the interview confirmation email that we send out prior to your client interview is the salary that is set
  • Do not gossip about past employers – it will make them wonder about what you will say about them to others!
  • The agency has drawn up a CV which they have forwarded on to the client
    • do NOT bring your own CV to the interview
  • Ensure to bring the following to your interview:
    • copies of references (if you have)
    • position related certificates (if you have)
  • Remember that it shows enthusiasm to go to an interview knowing a bit about the client
  • Have the following answers prepared:
    • what are your strengths
    • what are your weaknesses
    • what are your hobbies and interests
    • where do you see yourself in 2 years
    • where do you see yourself in 5 years
    • why they should choose you above all other candidates
  • Ask the following questions:
    • what do they expect of you as an employee
    • who will you be reporting to
    • what will your general day be like
    • what typical job functions do they have in mind

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