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Some families wonder how one goes about hiring an au pair through an agency so here is the Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency Process:

  1. Complete the contact us form and submit it along with your proof of payment of the R200 registration fee.
  2. We will send CVs through of au pairs that match not only the position specifications, but also who we feel will match the family’s values, home environment etc. to aid in a long term relationship
  3. Let us know which au pairs you wish to interview and we will setup the interviews taking your available dates and times into account
  4. After the interview we will contact both the family and the au pair for feedback
  5. Should the family wish to offer employment we will facilitate the agreement regarding terms of employment etc. and extend the offer to the au pair
  6. Once there is confirmation of the basic terms of employment, from both sides, we will send out the Letter of Appointment & Acceptance indicating the basic terms of employment etc.
  7. Once the Letter of Appointment & Acceptance has been sent to BOTH parties, we will send the placement fee invoice to the family
  8. Payment of the placement fee is required within 3 days from date of invoice
  9. There is a 90 day guarantee that we will replace the candidate if the working relationship does not work out
  10. We are available at all times for advise, queries and in the event that something goes wrong we are there to advise based on the LRA and how to go about dealing with the situation etc.

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We assist with the following types of positions:

Upon registering with Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency, if you require an Au Pair, we will send you a Family Information Guide which contains the following information:

  • Proposed questions for your interviews with prospective au pairs
  • Guidelines on employing an au pair in terms of labour law
  • Guidelines on dealing with au pair performance related issues in terms of labour law
  • Tips on how to maintain a long-lasting relatonship with your new au pair