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Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency Candidate Process

Step 1
Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM  – we will not call you UNLESS we receive this form

Step 2
If your application was successful we will contact you within 72 hours of submitting it. Look out for a Johannesburg number, as all our interview bookings are done through our head office in JHB. All interviews will be held in YOUR city.

Step 3
When you come for your interview to meet us you will be required to bring:

  • a copy of your CV
  • a copy of your ID
  • a copy of your valid drivers license
  • the R120 registration fee

Step 4
After your interview with us we will process your application, check your ID, your drivers license, your criminal status as well as your references etc.

Step 5
In the event that you pass the interview with us we will send you an email – please make SURE to read all the contents therein so that you are prepared with regards to the way forward.

Step 6
We will send out your CV to prospective clients and should they wish to meet with you we will contact you to discuss further details etc. If you do not hear from us, it is because there is no suitable position for you at the time and / or clients do not wish to meet with you. We will DEFINITELY call you should a client wish to meet with you as it is in our best interests to do so!

Step 7
In the event that a family wishes to meet with you we will contact you and setup the interview. We will email the interview details to you etc.

Step 8
You will attend the interview with the family. Thereafter please make sure to email us with your thoughts and feedback.

Step 9
Should the family elect to employ you we will contact you. We will not contact you every time a family interview is not successful. We will only contact you if a family interview was successful and they would like to offer the position to you.

Step 10
In the event that a family offers the position to you and you accept, we will send a contract of employment to both you and the family. Remember once this has been done you have COMMITTED to commencing employment with the family and if you change your mind after this, there will be drama!

Step 11
Once the family has paid the placement fee you will be able to commence employment as per the start date in your contract. The family will pay your salary to you directly every month.

Step 12
We will contact you now and then to see how things are going. If you have any problems make sure you contact us to chat about them so that we can give you sound advice in terms of the way forward etc.


In order to apply please complete the

Candidate Online Application

– it takes 2 minutes!