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Au Pair Jobs in Centurion

Permanent Employment
R10 000 + R3.25 per km travelled (not to and from work)
Monday to Friday
07:00 to 16:00
Ages: BABY
Must be 20+
Must have BABY experience
REF 867


Please Take Note:

  • If you are NOT a registered candidate, please complete the Candidate Online Application – it takes 2 minutes!
  • If you are NEWLY registered (you registered in the last 3 months) please liaise with the person in charge of your account i.e. the email address of the person who emailed you after your interview
  • If you are an OLD CANDIDATE RETURNING (you registered more than 3 months ago) please email and we will assist you, by directing you to the person who handles your account. They will then assist you further.