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Want to know more about Little Sunshines Au Pair Agency? Here is a list of frequently asked questions…

In Order to Register with Us:
If you are NOT a registered candidate, please complete the Candidate Online Application – it takes 2 minutes!

**WE will phone you from 082 878 8080 TO BOOK AN INTERVIEW WITH US (save this number)**
**WE will only phone you if you meet our requirements**

**Face-to-Face interviews will be in Johannesburg OR Cape Town (depending where you live)**

If I am ALREADY REGISTERED with you what do I do:

  • If you are NEWLY registered (you registered in the last 3 months) please liaise with the person in charge of your account i.e. the email address of the person who emailed you after your interview
  • If you are an OLD CANDIDATE RETURNING (you registered more than 3 months ago) please email and we will assist you, by directing you to the person who handles your account. They will then assist you further.

Do you offer Au Pair Training?
Yes we do. Please go to our au pair training link for further information.

Is it compulsory that I do the Au Pair Training in order to register with your agency?
No. Though it is highly recommended.

Where can I email my CV?
We do NOT accept CV applications. Please complete the Online Application and submit it. Thereafter IF you meet our requirements we will contact you to setup an interview.

What requirements do I need to fulfill to register with your agency?

  • Own roadworthy car with seatbelts in the back – this WILL be checked
  • Valid drivers license – this WILL be checked
  • No criminal record – this WILL be checked
  • Experience with children – au pairing / tutoring / teaching etc. – this WILL be checked

Must I have my own car and a valid drivers license?
Yes. We cannot assist you if you do not. Our families require that our candidates have their own cars and a drivers license.

Do you have further agency requirements?
Over and above the requirements mentioned above SOME families do have additional further requirements such as:

  • Matric
  • First aid course
  • Reference letters
  • Non-smokers
  • Baby or toddler experience
  • Able to speak Afrikaans
  • English 1st language

What ages do you place?
We usually place candidates between the ages of 20 up to 45. On occasion we have placed over 45 (though this is VERY rare) and we have placed 19 year olds.

What areas do you focus on?
Johannesburg – North, South, East and West, Sandton, Roodepoort, Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria etc.
Cape Town – Atlantic Seaboard, Hout Bay Area, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Southern Peninsula and West Coast etc.

What is the registration fee for?
We do charge a once-off R120 Registration Fee which you will need to pay at the interview, when you meet us – this is to cover the initial work we do in relation to your profile.

Where can I find your current and active vacancies?
Please go to our vacancies page on our website which has a list of ALL our CURRENT vacancies. This is the best place to see our vacancies.

I am not receiving the weekly job spec email. Please advise?
Sometimes servers block this email, which we have no control over whatsoever. We therefore recommend that you please go to our vacancies page on our website which has a list of ALL our CURRENT vacancies. This is the best place to see our vacancies.

What is the process going forward?
Please go to au pair process for further information.

How long will the agency take to find me a position?
We aim to place most applicants within 2 to 4 weeks of successfully registering with the agency however this is not always the case as there aren’t always suitable positions available. Please also note that we cannot force families to meet with candidates. We send out a number of CVs to each family, and they elect who they wish to interview.

Must I have completed a first aid course?
Some families require that the candidate has completed a first aid course. We do recommend that you do a first aid course. Please go to our First Aid Course link for further details.

What tips can you give me for attending interviews?
Please go to our attending interviews link for interview tips.

What may prevent a family from interviewing me?

  • if your salary is unrealistic
  • if you are older than 35 years of age, it will take longer to place you as most families are looking for au pairs who are younger than 35
  • if you won’t do babysitting, or if you won’t work on public holidays and weekends this may prevent families from meeting with you as many families require au pairs to work additional hours, which is a standard job function of an au pair
  • if you have your own young children, as many families do not want to employ an au pair who has their own young children
  • if you smoke, as many families require non-smokers
  • if you cannot commit to being an au pair for at least 1 year
  • if you haven’t had actual au pair experience
  • if you do not reside in their area
  • if you won’t run errands, as most families require au pairs to do this these days and it is becoming a normal job function of an au pair
  • if you do not speak the language they require – some families require Afrikaans speaking au pairs etc.
  • if you do not have experience with children of the family’s age group i.e. babies or toddlers or teens etc.
  • there are many other barriers to entry in terms of families electing to interview candidates, however we have placed thousands of au pairs over the years so stay positive!!

I can see that there are vacancies that match my criteria however I haven’t heard from you in terms of those positions. Why is this the case?
Whilst it may seem that there are positions available on the vacancies page that match up to your criteria, this isn’t always the case. Either we have already submitted your CV to the client and they elected not to interview you for whatsoever reason, or alternatively the position has further requirements which aren’t displayed on the vacancies page, which you do not fulfill. We can assure you however that as soon as a suitable position comes up, or as soon as a client wishes to interview you, we will contact you. It is in our best interests to do so! However please note we cannot force families to meet with you. The decision remains up to the family whether or not they choose to meet a candidate.

What salary can I expect to earn?
Kindly read our Au Pair Salaries page for more info regarding salaries and what you can expect to earn. Please note however that this is also dependent on your qualifications, experience and what the client has put forward as a possible salary.

What happens if I get placed with a client but they don’t pay the agency placement fee?
Please read our candidate agency terms for a detailed answer.

Who pays my monthly salary?
The client will pay your monthly salary directly to you, on or before the last day of the month.

Who pays my petrol?
Regarding petrol, if you are using your own car then the client would have to cover your petrol costs for travel during your working hours (not to and from work). The client will reimburse employees at a rate of R3.25 per km.

Do many families provide cars?
No. This is not very common.

What are typical au pair job functions?
Please go to our au pair job functions link to see a list of typical au pair job functions.

Will I be required to work overtime?
More than likely yes. It should also be noted that in positions where the salary exceeds R17 000 gross per month, overtime pay is not required.

Will I be required to travel with the client?
This depends on the client. It should also be noted that in positions where the salary exceeds R17 000 gross per month, overtime pay is not required. If you do not want to travel with the client then you need to inform us of this during the agency interview.

How many positions will you put me forward for?
As many positions as possible – ensuring that general criteria / requirements are matched and that your values, beliefs, morals, life outlook etc. match up to those of the client.

Do you provide a contract of employment?
Yes we do send out a contract of employment to the family and the candidate, once the candidate has been placed. The contract of employment is in accordance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Do you provide on-going assistance after the placement?
Yes we do. If you have any queries or concerns in relation to the family that we have placed you with, simply contact us and we will gladly be of assistance.

Must I let you know if I am leaving the family you placed me with?
Yes please. We like to keep our records up to date. We can also assist you in finding another position.

In order to apply please complete the

Candidate Online Application

– it takes 2 minutes!